Noticias Museum Journal

Since 1955, readers have enjoyed exploring the rich heritage of Santa Barbara County through the pages of the Museum's journal, Noticias. From the era of the Native American Chumash to our own 21st century, the key issues, watershed events and colorful personalities of our community's history come alive through vivid writing and vintage photography.

A few highlights from past issues include:

  • The history of railroading in Santa Barbara County
  • 150 Years of Santa Barbara art
  • The Flying A film studio
  • The Channel Islands
  • Biographies of notables such as Ellwood Cooper, W.W. Hollister, Charles Fernald
  • The History of Education in Santa Barbara
  • Celebrations of the Botanic Garden, the Museum of Natural History, the Santa Barbara Symphony

We invite you to read all back issues HERE or the selections below.