Project Fiesta!

Through September 22

Join us for our latest installation of “Project Fiesta: A History of Old Spanish Days”

In celebration of the 95years of Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara, the Museum invites the community to explore our spectacular exhibition, Project Fiesta! Discover the origins and experience the pageantry, fashion and traditions of this most cherished cultural festival through displays of beautiful restored costumes, posters, artwork, artifacts and historical photos.

In 1924, Mayor Charles M. Andrea declared fiesta week “one of festival and gaiety, during which period, which shall be known as ‘Old Spanish Days,’ the spirit of old Santa Barbara shall be lived again and again and the new Santa Barbara shall give way to the traditions of the city’s founders”, a time of homecoming for former residents and one of hospitality for guests.

Learn more about Old Spanish Days, the large festivals that came before “Fiesta,” and help us celebrate this special time of year.

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